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05 March 2012

6 Reasons Why Contraceptive is Sinful

Over at Canterbury Tales, Taylor Marshall has done an excellent post on the apologetics of why contraception is evil.  He gives six reasons: 1.) Contrary to Natural Law, 2.) Biblically, children are a blessing not a curse, 3.) The case of Onan, 4.) The New Testament condemns contraception, 5.) The Church Father condemned contraception, 6.) Contemporary Observations on the Sexual Revolution.
The most interesting thing I found in this post was his discussion of matrimony:

In this last quote, we see that Saint Augustine's concern that contraceptive acts turn a wife into a harlot since she is merely satisfying the lusts of her husband and not for the sake of matrimony - a word which means in Latin duty or gift of motherhood from matris (of a mother) and munus(gift, duty, office). This objectification of women brings us to our last reason...

I love words and so when I read this I was amazed.  Therefore, there is NO WAY that homosexuals can celebrate matrimony.

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